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Business Mailing Lists

Our Business mailing lists are compiled and continually updated from a number of sources including annual reports, business credit reports, business & industry directory listings, phone verification, SEC reports, newspaper, yellow pages and other proprietary sources. Our Business Lists are extremely accurate and precisely targeted to achieve high response rate.

Available Business Lists Selections:
  • Contact Name & Title
  • Employee Size 
  • Fax Numbers 
  • Headquarters / Branch
  • Import / Export Select
  • Minority Owned
  • Own / Rent Indicator
  • Owner - Ethnicity
  • Owner - Woman
  • Phone Numbers
  • Public / Private Indicator
  • Sales Volume
  • SIC Codes & Descriptions
  • Square Footage
  • Year Started
  • Website URL

Business mailing lists and sales leads from American Profiles are solutions for direct marketing, telemarketing, market identification, and market analysis. American Profiles Business Lists sales leads can assist you in locating suppliers to manage sales territory assignment.

Business Mailing Lists 101

One of the best ways for your business to have a large potential target audience for use in sales, marketing or promotional activities is through business mailing lists. Postal or direct mail lists are one of the two widely used forms of client database, the other one is through email lists.

Business mailing list brokers are the source of these indispensable marketing tools. With these brokers' help, you can acquire a list of consumers or businesses that have or need products or services similar to yours or that in your field.

Benefits of Using Postal Business Mailing Lists

1. They can be refined.

Business mailing lists can be refined to have only certain demographic or psychographic criteria. Remember that with marketing, the chances of response is the desired result that these mailing lists intend to provide.

2. Low cost.

Compared to email lists, postal lists cost lower when bought in a per name basis. However, one has to be reminded that the printing and collateral mailing cost is not included.

3. They can be tracked more easily.

Provided that you have a relevant lists of prospects, it is a lot easier to connect with potential new customers in a measurable manner with postal business mailing lists compared to traditional marketing efforts, i.e., billboards or magazine ads.

After knowing what your business can benefit from business mailing lists, here's how you can make the most out of these lists and make those benefits really up for grabs:

a. Decide on the particular traits you want.

Several business mailing list brokers can give you an access to targeted lists. They can make you select from a wide array of fields of information to come up with a specific demographic and lifestyle filters that correspond to your client base.

Various public sources, i.e., credit bureaus, telephone directories, and annual reports are what compose a typical business mailing list database compilation. With the filters you have selected, it will be less tedious for you to narrow your search to a more particular audience.

Industry, small business, and home business are known as the types of businesses that one business mailing list may be categorized accordingly with. The other categories include employee size and annual revenue.

With a properly filtered business mailing list, the best return on investment (ROI) can be easily achieved. But one needs to be prepared with the somewhat hefty price tag that this specific targeting comes with.

b. Decide on your budget and message.

If you are after a very eye-catching way to advertise your business, postal business mailing lists come in handy. After determining your filters for your targeted list, it's high time that you prepare your budget pie for this direct mailing list campaign. Postal business mailing lists may be your best option but always consider how much you can afford.

Analyze your target market and then continue with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Then, acknowledge fully the benefits of your products or services. From there, formulate a message that will appeal to your target audience and will make the brand of your product or service stand out from the rest.

c. Know whether the business mailing lists are updated and verified or not.

The dependability of the mailing lists you acquire does not only rely on their "targetedness". These business files must be regularly updated and verified too. This is because you need to consider what kind of lead can be generated from targeted and customized business mailing lists with businesses that are not operated anymore or have already changed location.

Check whether the addresses are accurate and deliverable or not. If you are using two sources, remove duplicates. Use the United States Postal Service DSF service or Delivery Sequence File to confirm the existence of a delivery address.

d. Start small.

To sample the clientele you wish to reach, use smaller mailing lists at first. Attacking a voluminous mailing list at once is like a blind man crossing a busy street.

e. Test your list.

Using various lists, mailing pieces, offers and new approaches can do more good to your business than harm. Just make sure that you do the varying of your marketing aspects moderately. This is to ensure that you don't encounter hardship on tracking your results and to avoid overwhelming your prospects.

A good number of marketers will agree to the fact that the most important element of any direct mail marketing campaign is the mailing list. Selecting the right one is not an easy task. Reaping the benefits from making use of these lists often entails a a solid background on direct mail marketing.

However, keeping the above mentioned information in mind will cut the learning curve short.

Business Mailing Lists

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